Grassroots marketingGrassroots marketing is all about creating a win situation for the people around you. It is about binding your business objectives close with the community needs and wants, which benefits the overall community or the society and hence results in satisfied and loyal customers and better reputation for your brand.

Grassroots marketing and the small businesses

Ever heard of mass marketing? Mass marketing is to promote and offer a particular product or service to the whole market without having targeted a specific market segment. Grassroots marketing is something that is opposite to the concept of Mass marketing. Grassroots marketing is usually successful for small business firms, because they do not have the cost to run such extensive marketing campaigns; they rely on campaigns that do not cost too much such as door-to-door marketing of products. Essential of such marketing is that they target a specific niche or a particular market segment i.e. focusing on a small group instead of the whole market whereby promoting or giving a message regarding your product or service to people in that small group and that group of people in return help in promoting your product in the overall bigger market. It is one of the cost effective way of marketing your product which might generate better results and better profits at the end of the day.

Vehicle of grassroots marketing

grassroots marketing vehicleOne of such example is the use of blogging and content marketing. Content marketing can be taken as a good example to explain the concept. In content marketing, the concept is to make people aware about your products and services through the use of contents which can take form of magazines, blogs on websites, emails etc. Such marketing is used to educate the market about your product specifications and features which helps in marketing and promoting your product usually through social web. Internet is the king in today’s world of economic problems. You have access to everything; you can get information on anything you want at anytime. Because consumers are looking for information on the internet about any product that they are thinking to buy hence internet becomes a major source of promotion for businesses in order to provide information about your product. This is what exactly is happening in content marketing; you provide information to people in the forms of articles and blogs who might be searching for information on any product that might support their decision making. This strategy can help bring you repeat buyers and delivering the requested information will help gain trust and credibility among your customers

This is the main idea behind grassroots marketing i.e. to educate as many people as possible about your business or product idea, to make them aware of your product through product reviews, giving comments on social networking websites and other websites such as YouTube etc. In some cases, test marketing or hall test is adopted; this is when you provide free samples for your product for example, a food item. You allow people to taste and experience your product for free. In other cases, you also give free giveaways. This is all to make people aware about your product on a small scale and when this niche favors your product, you can expand or market your product on a much larger scale when the product has gained much acceptance in the market.

Grassroots marketing and getting the word outGrassroots Marketing Techniques That Work!

There are no doubt, various grassroots marketing techniques. One such technique is the one that I mentioned above i.e. content marketing. Other various techniques can be adopted: such as starting an online magazine, printing the logo of your product or the tagline on shopping bags or T-shirts, giving out free samples, promoting it on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and My Space etc, sticking your logo on big poles that are like 6 to 7 feet tall in the public areas such as grounds, parks etc. in order to make people aware.

If you do not have enough money to start up a business on a larger scale and want to gain or attract potential customers that will build up your reputation, then grassroots marketing is most likely to be adopted. But for this, you need to be energetic and creative. Do not make fool out of people, they are not there to taste a free sample of something that is tasteless or is something that does not even requires a demand in the market. Be innovative and somewhat creative in order to come up with something that will be liked by people and result in success; be sure to offer something for which there is a need in the market.

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Ambush Marketing


Ambush MarketingCan ambush marketing be made successful online? Well to answer that question you first need to understand what ambush marketing is and how it works. Once that is clarified, the feasibility of using ambush marketing as a form of online marketing can be ascertained.

Ambush Marketing TacticsThe idea of this particular type of marketing got very popular during the 1984 Olympics. The 1984 Olympics hold special significance because they were the first ever Olympics that did not require public funding. Instead the international Olympics committee offered sponsorships to brands and earned the whole budget.

Now alongside these official sponsors, the brands that were not able to get the official sponsorships, tried other tactics to get in the race unofficially and hence ambush marketing took its root on a very large scale for the first time in the history of marketing.

So by definition when any company tries to overshadow or ambush the activities of the company that is legally and officially sponsoring an event and finds ways to associate its self with parts or segments of that event, you can say that the company is practicing ambush marketing.

The whole idea does seem sneaky and a little unfair but legally there is no way that any one is committing a crime or any law is broken. So simply it is stealing while staying within the legal limits. This is what Nike did in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Adidas were the official sponsors but Nike got in the game by sponsoring the individual teams.

Ambush MarketingSome circles consider that the ambush marketing tactics are unethical but it is quite foolish to expect fairness in this cutthroat competition that goes on between marketing giants. Now that the concept of ambush marketing is clear you need to understand how ambush marketing can be used as a form of online marketing.

Since ambush marketing mean piggybacking on someone else’s back the use of social media seems very appropriate for ambush marketing online. Now one of the first things you can do is that you keep a close look on the activities taking place of well renowned sites like stumbleupon or dig.com etc. and leave your comments on useful threads or stories. Your comments should contain back links to your website. So when these stories get exposure and get viewed so will be your link.

This is a perfect way of carrying out ambush marketing online. It will not cost you anything. Yes, you will have to spend time looking for relevant material and stories that can suit your purpose. In this way you can ambush a story and post your comments with your links and get more traffic to your website.

Another perfect way to ambush is to stay active on websites like yahoo Answers and look for questions that are relevant to your business or are even distantly related. By answering these questions you can also leave back links and lead people back to your website in search of further information.  You will have to keep your website up to date with the relevant material when you are posting any link like that.

YouTube is one of largest databases on the web. Millions of videos are posted and viewed each day. You can use this to your advantage and use it as a platform where you can leave comments and posts and leave back links to your websites. You can upload photos and videos and market your services and products.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are virtually becoming a lifestyle. People are more interactive through these websites rather than in real life. You need to look for fan pages and groups that have similar interests and somehow have a connection however remote with your services or products. You can keep on dropping posts and advertising your products with no or very little cost.

Ambush Marketing

You can keep an eye on different blogs and keep on posting comments where you think are appropriate. Back links to your websites are the key to your success. You might pinpoint a few blogs that you think are similar to what you are offering and that your comments will attract the traffic on that blog. Let’s say you leave a comment with a back link about sports equipment on a blog about Barbie dolls. It is really impossible that you will get anyone to click on the link. So you need to find blogs that are somewhat related.

It is pretty clear that ambush marketing through social media, Twitter, Facebook, Blog etc is very much possible and if done rightly can prove a very cost effective way of marketing.



If you are one of those you are looking at joining Herbalife but heard rumors about complaints and lawsuits you may want to read this article “Herbalife Scam” after reading this Herbalife review of course.

herbalife reviewWhat is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a nutrition company that works to provide a healthy nutritious life to everyone while ensuring financial prosperity. It provides products not only for athletes but for children as well. Herbalife deals in delivering weight management and healthy products to provide a healthy solution to its customers.

Now talking about the product solutions that Herbalife offers? It specializes in providing the following solutions to ensure good health and fitness.

  • Energy and Fitness solution
  • Weight management solution
  • Digestive system solution
  • Providing a solution to heart problems
  • Immunity solutions
  • Providing personal care (health and skin care)

The products including nutrition plan and diet recipes are vitamin and mineral rich made from natural herbs. Some benefits of nutritious and naturally made products of Herbalife are:

  • Weight management solutions: The weight-management program by Herbalife provides you with health related products solution that suits your body needs. You might be aware of the fact that everyone has a unique body metabolism system. There are various diet plans but the fact is that no one of us can follow one specific diet plan because our body metabolism structure and needs differ. So, Herbalife’s weight-management program focuses on providing health products that are best suited to your body requirements and body type i.e. giving each individual a special diet including nutrition plan and special recipes that is totally perfect for them to follow.
  • Herbalife’s energy and fitness products such as Litoff energy drink, hydrate, Guarana tea helps you stay fit. Specially, when it comes to athletes; they want to remain focused, energetic and retain their strong body muscles. Herbalife ensures body fitness for such athletes by reducing fatigue, dizziness and boosting your energy level and helping you stay alert and focused on your game. One of such product is Herbalife 24 which provides empowerment and energy to athlete’s 24-hours a day.
  • If you want to look fresh, healthy and want your skin to glow then Herbalife skin care products will do the job for you in order to make you look fresh and maintain a healthy appearance. It offers nutrition rich skin, hair and body products.



herbalife reviewAdvantages/ Benefits of Herbalife

Herbalife products can prove to be very beneficial for you and your family. Get a herbalife review by taking a look at its advantages.

  • No need to skip meals, no need to go on a strict boring diet. Many of you might have followed various diet plans which become extremely boring. Eventually, you don’t feel like going with that diet plan anymore because you miss delicious and yummy meals that you have been restricting yourself from eating. Well, now you don’t need to do that because products offered by herbalife are of such a nature that are vitamin, mineral rich and purely made from natural herbs that are extremely easy to follow and shows great results.
  • Once you connect with the company, they provide you a special diet plan and recipes that suit your body needs. This means no need to spend your money on junk food anymore because with Herbalife products you are eventually going to lose your weight without any side effects. So, save your food bills.
  • Delicious shakes: You might have heard about protein shakes being tasteless and off-putting. But this is not at all true with Herbalife shakes; their shakes are yummy and flavored and are actually satisfying.
  • No, this is not like some other weight reducing or fitness program offering weight reduction solution without any proper validation or verification. Herbalife products are all-natural and vitamin rich. There is a science between their products; experienced and leading scientists and nutritionists make sure that the products are made under high quality standards that ensure 100% positive result. Apart from this, scientists have tested these products are of the view that they are very much safe to use because they have gone under preparation and testing by conducting proper research and development.
  • The recipes and nutrition program does not limit you to only few meals in fact, it offers you a great variety of meals. These meals just bring your calorie level down whereas take your nutrition level up.  The recipe meals do not contain flavorless ingredients but contain delicious and a variety of healthy ingredients.
  • If you are a very busy person; whether you are running late for office or going somewhere else, whenever you are in a hurry and do not have time to cook then have a Herbalife’s protein shake. It makes you stay energetic, alert and focused throughout the day without making you feel fatigue. Formula 1 or having personalized protein powder makes you stay fit, energetic and gives you a more finely tuned body.
  • Herbalife does not compromise on customer’s satisfaction. Customer’s satisfaction is first and foremost objective for them and that’s why they have laid down the money back guarantee.
  • The health products offered can be a great supplement to the pills and expensive exercise machines. Hence, causing you to save some money that you would have spent otherwise

herbalife review

Apart from the advantages of Herbalife, some people are of the view that the variety of ingredients that the health or skin care products contain might result in reduction of the effectiveness of the formula. Moreover, there have been cases where people have complained that Herbalife weight loss programs do not guarantee long healthy eating approach. On the other hand, many customers have commented that Formula 1 is very effective and has resulted in weight loss and body fitness. There are more advantages and uses of Herbalife products as compared to its disadvantages. You can always consult your friends, family and people who have actually used such products; you can read more Herbalife reviews in order to support your decision whether to buy or not; whether it is worth spending your money or not.

PS – If you are looking at joining Herbalife to earn some extra money or even if you have already joined, please contact me and let me show you how you can explode your business by generating at least 5 new leads a day.

Herbalife Scam



Herbalife Scam


There is quite a talk about the Herbalife Scam these days. This has put many entrepreneurs on watch and many new marketers are worried about it. Is there any truth to the whole thing? Well before going into that we will go through a brief history of the company and how it operates.

Herbalife Scam: Introduction

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Now the company has branches in more than 65 counties worldwide and has billions of dollars of annual turnover. The company runs its business through distributers who get the products to end users. Herbalife deliver quality herbal and vitamin supplements, weight loss prescriptions and personal care products. Over 1.5 million distributors are working with the company right now and earning a good amount of commission.

In the beginning the company had to face many battles with the FDA because it was accused of exaggerating the qualities of its products. It also had to face allegations regarding the negative side effects of some of the products. The settlement only happened when the products were modified and the promotional methods were changed.

herbalife scam review

Herbalife Scam: How difficult is it to be successful?

Now there is this whole talk about the Herbalife scam which has made the people who have been thinking about Herbalife a little doubtful about their plan. When you look at the facts it is actually not a scam in a true sense. The company uses Multi Level Marketing to sell its products. The thing about internet marketing is that only 4 to 5% of people who start with marketing on the internet succeed.

The thing with working with a company like Herbalife is that there products are more expensive than any other similar products available in the market. Hence the marketers have to be really good at what they do. They have to convince the consumers that their products are better than any other products available in the company.

There are also some additional requirements for becoming a distributer with Herbalife. Firstly to get a membership you have to pay $220 as a membership fee. It is also necessary for the distributors to buy the products and use them so they can promote them with more conviction. This does not end here; there are many socializing events for the distributors and many seminars and training which they have to attend at their own expense.

So, all of these things do not make it a Herbalife Scam. To get successful is more difficult. And the company stats show that the majority of sales are executed by only one percent of the distributers. So you can easily understand that any distributor who is not a part of that lucky one percent has a gloomy story to tell. Naturally that person has spent money in trying to get established with the company but as the success rate is so low most people will be very disappointed ad it is a fact that disappointed people will warn other people not to fall for the Herbalife scam. Though it is not a scam, only they did not succeed.

herbalife scam review

Herbalife Scam: What is different about Herbalife?

Unlike many other MLM companies, working with Herbalife is comparatively difficult due to their policies. This does not mean that there is no chance at all. if you have already signed up with Herbalife and invested a considerable sum of money you still have chance to earn it back and make profits. But for that you need to put in a lot of effort. You need to learn and get better at your marketing techniques. May be you are not doing it right and need to find some new methods and techniques to attract more attention to your business.

Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field and people are coming up with more effective methods every day. Even if you are working with Herbalife it is not necessary that you only stick to their trainings. There are so many programs on the internet that give good information and tutorials on internet marketing. The thing you need to do is try and find yourself a good program and educate yourself.  That is very important for you.

herbalife scam

Herbalife Scam: How can I make Herbalife work for me?

You have these two options; wither you forget all the money you invested with Herbalife and start something new or you keep the Herbalife project on hold for a while and start something new as well which is comparatively easier. You can try and become a better marketer and once you feel that you have acquired a certain amount of expertise as a marketer you can always start the thing again and may be when you are better trained and more experienced you will be able to make good money.

You have to remember one thing, working on the internet does not mean that you don’t have to work hard and everything on the internet is a quick rich scheme. Mostly the quick rich schemes are scams and other companies that you can get affiliated with will require you to work hard and put in a certain amount of work.

The second general misconception about internet marketing is that you don’t need to invest much time. That is what the attractive schemes usually say. A few hours per week and you will make thousands of dollars. But that is not actually true. There is no easy way to earn money especially without working. So if you are lazy and just want to sit and make money that is entirely impossible especially when you are talking about internet marketing.

Making a website will not do you any good. What can a website do if you are not putting any effort to maintain it? You have to make your mark by creating a significant online presence.  And how do you propose to do it without investing time and working hard; more importantly working hard in the right direction. You can be a successful internet marketer.

herbalife scam review

Herbalife Scam: Conclusion

Rest assured Herbalife scam stories have no truth to them. These are just tales told by unhappy marketers who failed. With the right efforts and techniques you can become a successful internet marketer with Herbalife or any other company out there.

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No Excuses Summit III-What to Expect


No Excuses Summit 2012

No Excuses

The No Excuses submit is an annual summit that arranges network marketing training. It is usually held in Las Vegas and has been delivering since 2010. The No Excuses was just a simple workshop that was organized for about a hundred people. This workshop was a gift to the customers who had bought products from the marketers as a part of an affiliation contest. The marketers, Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong did not win any competition but were obliged to fulfill their promise and so conducted a workshop named “What’s working now.” This workshop had a few speakers that were considered leader in their fields.

This is when Ferny and Ray started thinking. They started surveying the possibility of inviting other guest speakers at the event. They thought of selling tickets to increase guest count. They planned of conducting a low cost event that would have speakers speak about their products and give detailed training about marketing strategies for two to three days. Then at the end, the organizers would take a percentage of the sales of each product, this making a huge profit.

As the word spread out, more and more leaders came forward to attend the seminar. All the big names in the market wanted to be part of this historical event. The organizers had only two weeks to organize No Excuses Summit, an event that had started for 100 people and was now being organized for over 1000 people. The Venetian resort ballroom had to be booked with the proper stage and lightening crew. And the most important task was to sell the tickets.

No ExcusesThe thought behind having so many speakers talk about their businesses and success is simple. If any person has found success doing some business, it is not entirely necessary that you will too find success in that particular business field. There are thousands of opportunities and new ones are surfacing all the time. All the speakers at the No Excuses summit have one thing in common; they did not give up. It is not important that you agree with all of the viewpoints of all speakers but there is a fair chance that someone or something just might click.

Why Am I Attending The No Excuses Summit

Attending live events such as No Excuses has its own advantages. You get to network and meet hundreds of professionals who are at the top of their game. You build relationships and links that will, no matter what, help you out in the future. The energy generated and the motivation you get from live events like No Excuses is just phenomenal. No amount of therapy or counseling can get you as motivated as the No Excuses summits. After the No Excuses live event, you can walk back feeling completely new. You will have opened many new doors of opportunity for yourself. You will have new ideas and direction to twist your business. Watching the DVD recordings of such motivational speakers of No Excuses is also likely to get you moving but the effect of attending the live event and mingling with the top speakers of the world is incomparable.

The relationship and link building with the speakers is not just at the event of No Excuses. You can continue to bond with the speakers that inspire you over dinner, the bar, and even in the lobby. This opportunity cannot be captured on a video tape recording. If you are attending the live event of No Excuses, then even the speakers and world professionals know that you are serious about setting up a profitable business. You might have come across the simple saying that not all people who attend No Excuses are an earner of a six figure income. But one thing is for sure; all people who earn six figure incomes do attend live events like No Excuses. So, why not give yourself a chance. Maybe you are the one who might be the six figure income earner.

All fields require building relationships but network marketing is a field where you cannot progress until you have great contacts. It’s all about you network. Your total net worth is your network. No Excuses summits are a great opportunity to meet several six figure income earners. You get a in depth training of how these people became billionaires. Not anywhere on this planet do you get such a great opportunity to explore yourself and your potential.

No Excuses Is Going To Be CRAZY!

Just recently the No Excuses sNo Excusesummit III speakers were nominated. Yes, you heard it, nominated. Due to the overwhelming response from the speakers and audience, there are so many speakers willing to participate that nominations are required. No Excuses is the biggest home business event that gives training on internet network marketing.

The vision and the efforts of all the people behind No Excuses are to help you in succeeding. They want you to raise your business level to a higher level. Their mission in 2012 is to help you grow.

The No Excuses event in 2012 is very much being anticipated due to the success and great lessons from the No Excuses summit of 2010 and 2011. Not much information has been given up yet but we can be sure that the level of training and incomparable experience will prove to be life changing for many hundreds of people. You’ll experience all sorts of training here in the No Excuses summit of 2012 being held in April from the 20th till the 22nd.  This event is not to be missed. You won’t get this opportunity again for a complete year and you can’t risk wasting your life for another year. Hurry up to grab the bonus offers that people are giving out foe free training session or one – on- one talks with the speakers over drinks or dinner.  The time is right and the time is now. If you haven’t booked your seats, then grab them as soon as possible because there is sure to be a big line for tickets as well.

No Excuses Summit 3 Lead Gettin' Videos


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